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The PROSOCO Family of Companies
The PROSOCO Family of Companies
PROSOCO, Build SMART and Rosetta Research
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The PROSOCO family of companies combines research and development with nearly 80 years of innovation and expertise to continually improve our built environment.

Our mission to create products that meet extraordinary performance standards has evolved with the formation of sister companies Build SMART and Rosetta. Collectively, our goal is to innovate and test products far beyond industry standards, while focusing on the health of building occupants and the planet.

Since 1939, PROSOCO has developed and continuously improved specialty construction chemicals to protect and restore new and existing masonry buildings. Today our products are among those most trusted in all areas of hard surface care, from pavers to architectural metal. PROSOCO fluid-applied air and water barrier products for the building envelope are the only products in the market that can claim 10 years of independent performance verification. Start-to-finish solutions for concrete flooring installation and maintenance are among the most recent additions to the PROSOCO portfolio of products.

Build SMART is a pre-fabricated, panelized wall system that makes high-energy efficiency construction simple, affordable and accessible for any builder, architect or owner. This revolutionary system is designed to achieve efficiency well beyond current standards. Contained within the wall panels are PROSOCO R-Guard®fluid-applied air and water barrier products, ensuring a vapor-permeable,breathable building envelope that delivers incredibly low utility bills, healthy air and indoor comfort.

Rosetta Research was founded with a simple goal: Understand why buildings leak, so we can design one that doesn’t. Rosetta Research utilizes complex testing mechanisms that cannot be found anywhere else, which measure exactly how airflow affects moisture content. This gives us information about why water gets into buildings and how buildings can be designed to dry on their own. Both PROSOCO and Build SMART tap into the data made possible through Rosetta Research to design better wall panels and building envelope products.


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