Can you mix ColorHard with Water?

ColorHard is a one-step color & hardener for interior and exterior concrete floors that should always be mixed with a densifier.

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No, you cannot mix ColorHard with water. Consolideck ColorHard is a premeasured color concentrate specifically formulated to mix with Consolideck LS or LS/CS to produce a ready-to-use color hardener that colors, hardens and densifies horizontal concrete in one easy step. Add 4 ounces of Consolideck ColorHard to one gallon of LS or LS/CS to create a high-performance color hardener.

Always mix ColorHard with a densifer like LS/CS, never water. 

When combined with Consolideck LS or LS/CS, ColorHard decorates, dustproofs and improves the abrasion-resistance of concrete floors and exterior pavements.


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