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Does ColorHard need to be protected when used outside?
Does ColorHard need to be protected when used outside?
How to protect exterior concrete treated with ColorHard.
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Yes, ColorHard should be protected. ColorHard colors are UV-stable; excellent for exterior dying applications or honed finished interior grinds where a translucent color is not desired. ColorHard is a great option to rejuvenate and refresh exterior colored concrete that has faded over time.

Apply GuardEXT to exterior concrete surfaces treated with ColorHard decorative colors. 

Consolideck GuardEXT is a durable, non-yellowing, protective coating that dramatically increases the stain resistance of exterior concrete. Ideal for steel-troweled, broomed or stamped concrete, GuardEXT enhances the appearance of standard gray, chemically stained, integrally colored and color-hardened concrete. Use GuardEXT to protect new or existing concrete exposed to accidental spills of food or petroleum-based products. 

Applies easily with pump-up sprayers, and dries within 60 minutes.

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