Steps to prepare floors for dustproofing
What prep needs to be done before applying a densifier in a dustproof situation?
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Contaminants that might prohibit a densifier from penetrating the concrete must be removed before applying the densifier. 

Products such as DailyKlean and Cleaner/Degreaser can help remove general dirt and grime.  Oil & Grease Stain Remover  can help remove oil stains.

Products such as Cure & Seal Remover, and Wax & Cure Remover,  can help remove curing compounds and coatings. 

Once the concrete is clean and absorbent, you are ready to apply LS/CS, a reactive silicate hardener/densifier and dustproofer for concrete. Consolideck® LS/CS® is appropriate for freshly troweled “green” concrete, or existing floors of any age. Hardening/densifying with LS/CS® renders concrete floors dustproof.

Please refer to the Product Data Sheet and SDS for complete application instructions and safety information.  


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