Customers looking to weatherproof concrete and other masonry surfaces with Saltguard or Saltguard WB may wonder whether a surface has been previously treated with a water repellent. 

Here's how to tell if a surface has been previously treated: 

1. Pour a small container or glass of water over the surface, in various areas. 

2. If the water beads up or puddles on the surface, the concrete has already been treated at some point. 

3. If it wets out and soaks into the surface, then the surface has not been recently treated. 

If the surface has not previously been treated, it may benefit from an application of a water-based water repellent like Saltguard WB.

Surfaces previously treated may still need another coat of a water repellent to maintain protection. A solvent-based repellent like Saltguard is designed to penetrate previously treated surfaces to boost water and salt protection. 

Always test to ensure desired results. 

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