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How do I apply 2010 All Surface Cleaner?
How do I apply 2010 All Surface Cleaner?
Application instructions for Enviro Klean 2010 All Surface Cleaner
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2010 All Surface Cleaner can be applied with a low-pressure sprayer, brush or heavy nap roller. Scrub heavily soiled surfaces with a nonabrasive brush or synthetic scrubbing pad. 

Application instructions: 

  1. Working from the bottom to the top, prewet the surface with clean water. 

  2. Apply the appropriately diluted solution to the masonry surface using a brush or low-pressure spray. 

  3. Let the cleaner stay on the surface 1-10 minutes, based on testing. Gently scrub heavily soiled areas. NOTE: Do not let 2010 All Surface Cleaner dry on the surface. If drying occurs, lightly wet surfaces with fresh water and reapply the cleaner in a gentle scrubbing manner.  

  4. Working from the bottom to the top, rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water. 

  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 if necessary.  

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