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What are some best practices when applying Vana Trol?
What are some best practices when applying Vana Trol?
Maximize performance of Vana Trol by following these best practices.
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  1. Repeated applications may leave a detergent residue. To reduce potential for detergent residue, always prewet; rinse thoroughly; and do not exceed two applications. 

  2. When diluting product, always pour cold water into an empty bucket first, then carefully add the cleaner. Never use hot water. Handle in high-density polyethylene or polypropylene containers only. Acidic materials and fumes will attack metal. 

  3. Do not apply with pressure spray above 50 psi. This drives the chemicals deep into the surface, making a complete rinse difficult. Test spray equipment for compatibility and to avoid discoloration. 

  4. To avoid streaking, keep adjacent and lower wall surfaces wet and rinsed free of cleaning residues. 

  5. Rinse with enough water and pressure to flush spent cleaner and dissolved soiling from the masonry surface and surface pores without damage. Inadequate rinsing leaves residues which may stain the cleaned surface. 

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