SureSpan EX is available in pre-formed corners that make installing them at the foundation a very easy process. You can see in the video above, we are simulating this foundation detail. For this type of installation, the bottom edge of the pre-formed corners can be removed if needed. A straight piece can also be folded over the corner if the installation requires it.

The process for this application is the same other SureSpan EX applications.

Step 1 - Apply a bead of FastFlash

Step 2 - Place SureSpan EX into the wet sealant

Step 3 - CounterFlash with FastFlash

Remember to make sure everything is shingled correctly. The foundation piece should be done first and then you can work your way up the wall. Ensure that every piece of SureSpan EX overlaps the one below. 

Use SureSpan EX to tie your air barrier into a variety of building conditions, transitioning between dissimilar materials and ensuring that your entire building envelope is air-tight and water-tight.

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