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Which product can I use to make stucco waterproof?
Which product can I use to make stucco waterproof?
How to protect stucco against water and moisture intrusions.
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Q: When it rains, water penetrates and gets onto my floors. How can I make my stucco waterproof?

A: If you have acrylic stucco, or an exterior insulated finish system, we don't have anything that can help. If you have cement-based stucco, we recommend Siloxane PD. That's a penetrating water repellent that leaves no film, sheen or shine. It is breathable, so it won't trap any moisture that might get behind the stucco. We don't offer what some call a "waterproofer," or a product that can stop moisture from both directions. 

Please see our Product Data Sheet for application instructions. 

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