Usually, bulges occur at shelve angles or relief angles.

Bulges in masonry veneer can be caused by:

  • lack of adequate fastening
  • undersize anchor bolts
  • improper installation
  • an undersize shelf angle

Cracks in masonry veneer can be caused by:

  • improper jointing details
  • poor quality or high absorption brick
  • poor mortar
  • differential wall movement
  • base structure shrinkage
  • excessive building drift
  • inadequate ties, no ties, rusting

A licensed engineer must evaluate the conditions and determine appropriate remedial action.

An anchor system will not repair bulging or cracked masonry veneer. It may be necessary to remove a portion of the wall. However, the undisturbed masonry should be re-anchored to avoid more shifting of the wall during reconstruction, or to re-anchor a veneer that has shifted beyond its plastic limits.

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